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my friend holland wrote this song about me and i thought that i would share it with you. enjoy. XD

My Song About Lauren Phillips.

lauren lauren phillips.
she is one of my best friends.
lauren lauren phillips.
she'll stick with you till the end.

lauren lauren phillips.
does NOT think that harry potters lame.
lauren lauren phillips.
just did not know his middle name.

lauren lauren phillips.
can defeat all the nightmare monsters.
lauren lauren phillips.
she hit it with a lobster! (not)

lauren lauren phillips.
likes her striped shirts.
lauren lauren phillips.
she never is a jerk.

lauren lauren phillips.
always takes care of the books.
lauren lauren phillips.
somedays gives mrs.huts dirty looks. (NOT)

lauren lauren phillips.
like only white t-shirts.
lauren lauren phillips.
will sometimes wear a skirt.

lauren lauren phillips.
her song is ending here.
lauren lauren phillips.
i give her three big cheers!


*gotta love my on the spot made up songs. haha!!!*

love ya kiddo!
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once upon a time, jenna and i were on the school bus and we were arriving at our bus stop when we noticed niether of us had our house keys. so we try to break in to her room, but that fails and then we try to break into mom's room and we did. so our next task was getting throught the window, which didn't happen. so i ran down to my aunts house and got my cousin logan to come up here and climb throught the window. then we got in the house i got the atv key and drove him home. it was really crazy. and this normally happens to us once or twice every two months.
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i had this dream a couple weeks ago and it was about one of my best friends and her boyfriend. so i write this now to tell you why i am afraid of your boyfriend. my friend, her boyfriend, and myself were sitting in first period (eventhough we really don't have first period together...but it was a dream so whatever) and someone that my friend hates comes in and sits right beside her. then her boyfriend has to go to the spanish classroom for who knows why and my friend and i keep talking. then she tells me that the person she hates has been trying to touch her and that i shoudl go find her boyfriend. so i go up to the spanish room and i can't find him at first but then i do and we run back down to where my friend is at and her boyfriend beats the living crap out of the guy she hates. and he turned into my nightmare monster. and for those of you that think that that is rediculous, shove it. because everyone has had one. and if you don't remember it, congradulations. i would love to forget mine. and that was really very scary to me and i hated it. i hope that you can understand now.then we all live happily ever after and that's why i'm... but i think that i can overcome this.
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scared scared
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once upon a time there was a young girl who was in the second grade. now this girl pretty much kept to herself and hardly said anything to anyone. one day, another young girl of african american descent grabbed her by the shoulders and kneed her in the rear-end all the way to the little girl's class room. now this class room wasn't just down the hall, it was down two flights of stairs and down a really really long hall way. when they finally got to the little girl's classroom, the african american girl turn the little girl around and was going to punch her in the head. but when the african american girl saw her face and that the little girl was crying, she said and i quote "oops. wrong kid." then the african american girl turned around and walked away. that little girl was and is....my mommy.


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okay...so i told holland that i would write a blog called something about the fifty foot man. here it is.

i love harry potter. most people know that. when i was sitting in english yesterday, i tried my hand at writting poetry. so naturally it turned out pretty gayish. it is about harry potter, and i have expressed what i would like to see happen in the seventh book.

The world was new but darkness came
A force was born that saved the day
Year after year he came to reign
But nothing was brought except sorrow and pain
And through the years our hero fought
To try to bring us the world we sought
Then He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was re-born
And The-Boy-Who-Lived was once again worn
For years he fought, fought and fought some more
Then The-Boy-Who-Lived was once no more

The day after Lord Voldemort won
Mischievous things had already begun
The trio, which had shrunk to a duo
Were battling with only their wands and some judo
But one night, they had had enough
And snuck off too do some sneaky stuff
They found where Harry Potter was laid
And raised him up from beneath the grave

He seemed the same, though it was not true
There were so many things that Harry had to undue
There was no time to waste
They had to be gone, and make some new haste
The two turned to their newly-risen friend
To find that he was gone once again

They apparated back to the spot
To find that Harry untangled the knot
Voldemort was at long last dead
Finally they could get a good rest in bed

As if he were gliding, Harry came over so smoothly
He told them he would leave again, oh so soonly
He told them of heaven, that's where he had been
It was so graceful. If only you'd seen.
I must go back to the place where I rest.
And go back to be with the best of the best.'

So they took him back, hand in hand
And bid him goodbye, away from this land
He laid down, back in his grave
Both of his friends gave a short wave
He shut his eyes, no more will he see
This was his goodbye to Ron and Hermione

So The-Boy-Who-Lived triumphed in the end
But he couldn't have done it without the help of his friends.

like i said it's super gay. but i guess that's what you get when your really freakin hyper.
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i understand now that when you expect the best out of everything you will be doomed and disappointed. i have decided that from now on, i will expect the worst. i will look for the worst in every sistuation. so then maybe...jsut maybe, for once i won't be disappointed.
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i had a new dream last night. and this is very rare for me [for i have recurring dreams]. and in this dream i meet someone [i can't see their face] and we start walking in the desert and we walk for hours and hours not saying a word...just walking in solitude. and we're walking and walking and i notice that we're not in the desert anymore but we're on an old abandon road. we see a snake coming towards us and it knocks me to the ground. when i hit the ground, it bites me on the leg and on the back. and i'm paralyzed...forced to watch the world pass me by. then i woke up.
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i was told today that summer was finally over, however i believe nothing is final until your dead. and even then you can bargain. but it does however make me sad to think that once again the freedom of summer has been taken away, and replaced with the hard chains that we all know as school. i'm afraid that everything will change dramatically this year. however i will never admit it if you ask me. i like how the days used to be. you went to school reluctantly, but you felt this cloak of comfort there. but will it be there this year? will the comfort we knew be ripped from our grasp? no one knows. no one cares. not even those who fought to keep it in place. i think i want to answer my own question. will everything change dramatically? yes. it will. friends will be lost and gained. classes will become harder. familar faces will be harsh and cruel where they used to be warm and friendly. however i think that that is the only real truth of the world. if one day you find something comforting, than the next next it will stab you in the back. i am weary, and i hate the world and dare it to cross me. for i will stand tall and face my monster.
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well my birthday didn't totally suck ass as i had thought that it would. i actually had a pretty good time. i got $30 from my granparents, kingdom hearts 1- harry potter 4- a universal remote- and a watch from my mom, ever after from jenna, the princess bride- earrings- love spell lotion and perfume from my aunt and uncle, and a rv from my aunt and uncle. i had a little mermaid cupcake cake and some icecream. i talk to the kid of my dreams...sigh. so basically it turned out to be a smashing little shindig. and i loved every minute about it.
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i thought that i'd post my schedule here cause i didn't want to tell fifteen bazillion people!

1- Computer Asisted Art

2- 20th/21st Century History

3- Applied Math 2

4- Art 2

5- English

6- Environmental Science

7- Digital Imaging

8- Studio Art

okay that is my schedule if i don't get it changed.

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