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i had this dream a couple weeks ago and it was about one of my best friends and her boyfriend. so i write this now to tell you why i am afraid of your boyfriend. my friend, her boyfriend, and myself were sitting in first period (eventhough we really don't have first period together...but it was a dream so whatever) and someone that my friend hates comes in and sits right beside her. then her boyfriend has to go to the spanish classroom for who knows why and my friend and i keep talking. then she tells me that the person she hates has been trying to touch her and that i shoudl go find her boyfriend. so i go up to the spanish room and i can't find him at first but then i do and we run back down to where my friend is at and her boyfriend beats the living crap out of the guy she hates. and he turned into my nightmare monster. and for those of you that think that that is rediculous, shove it. because everyone has had one. and if you don't remember it, congradulations. i would love to forget mine. and that was really very scary to me and i hated it. i hope that you can understand now.then we all live happily ever after and that's why i'm... but i think that i can overcome this.
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