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The · Twilight · Zone...

..and the fifty foot man shall finally fall..

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okay...so i told holland that i would write a blog called something about the fifty foot man. here it is.

i love harry potter. most people know that. when i was sitting in english yesterday, i tried my hand at writting poetry. so naturally it turned out pretty gayish. it is about harry potter, and i have expressed what i would like to see happen in the seventh book.

The world was new but darkness came
A force was born that saved the day
Year after year he came to reign
But nothing was brought except sorrow and pain
And through the years our hero fought
To try to bring us the world we sought
Then He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was re-born
And The-Boy-Who-Lived was once again worn
For years he fought, fought and fought some more
Then The-Boy-Who-Lived was once no more

The day after Lord Voldemort won
Mischievous things had already begun
The trio, which had shrunk to a duo
Were battling with only their wands and some judo
But one night, they had had enough
And snuck off too do some sneaky stuff
They found where Harry Potter was laid
And raised him up from beneath the grave

He seemed the same, though it was not true
There were so many things that Harry had to undue
There was no time to waste
They had to be gone, and make some new haste
The two turned to their newly-risen friend
To find that he was gone once again

They apparated back to the spot
To find that Harry untangled the knot
Voldemort was at long last dead
Finally they could get a good rest in bed

As if he were gliding, Harry came over so smoothly
He told them he would leave again, oh so soonly
He told them of heaven, that's where he had been
It was so graceful. If only you'd seen.
I must go back to the place where I rest.
And go back to be with the best of the best.'

So they took him back, hand in hand
And bid him goodbye, away from this land
He laid down, back in his grave
Both of his friends gave a short wave
He shut his eyes, no more will he see
This was his goodbye to Ron and Hermione

So The-Boy-Who-Lived triumphed in the end
But he couldn't have done it without the help of his friends.

like i said it's super gay. but i guess that's what you get when your really freakin hyper.
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