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The · Twilight · Zone...

the brave will fall and the weary will stand

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i was told today that summer was finally over, however i believe nothing is final until your dead. and even then you can bargain. but it does however make me sad to think that once again the freedom of summer has been taken away, and replaced with the hard chains that we all know as school. i'm afraid that everything will change dramatically this year. however i will never admit it if you ask me. i like how the days used to be. you went to school reluctantly, but you felt this cloak of comfort there. but will it be there this year? will the comfort we knew be ripped from our grasp? no one knows. no one cares. not even those who fought to keep it in place. i think i want to answer my own question. will everything change dramatically? yes. it will. friends will be lost and gained. classes will become harder. familar faces will be harsh and cruel where they used to be warm and friendly. however i think that that is the only real truth of the world. if one day you find something comforting, than the next next it will stab you in the back. i am weary, and i hate the world and dare it to cross me. for i will stand tall and face my monster.
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