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The · Twilight · Zone...

.the adventures of lauren and daniel at the ballot box.

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once upon a time there was a young girl who was in the second grade. now this girl pretty much kept to herself and hardly said anything to anyone. one day, another young girl of african american descent grabbed her by the shoulders and kneed her in the rear-end all the way to the little girl's class room. now this class room wasn't just down the hall, it was down two flights of stairs and down a really really long hall way. when they finally got to the little girl's classroom, the african american girl turn the little girl around and was going to punch her in the head. but when the african american girl saw her face and that the little girl was crying, she said and i quote "oops. wrong kid." then the african american girl turned around and walked away. that little girl was and is....my mommy.


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